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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie..

Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... Love reading books- sometimes i read 3books simultaneously, crazy about music- need it all around me, all the time and ofcourse, i totally am ga ga goo goo over my 7yr old naughty brat- Floppy!! errr, Prince Floppy!! :)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Agasthiyar Falls.. Tirunelveli

There I was in the train, lying on the Side Lower berth, unable to sleep [well cos the 6 foot me wouldn't fit into that small berth and cos it was lovely and cold, I had left one window open] thinking about how its been ages since I was back in Tirunelveli & Kallidaikurichi... I was travelling with 10 others, including the bride & groom. This was a wedding we had all been looking forward to forever and was kicked that it was finally happening. 

The wedding was set for Friday morning, we reached Tirunelveli from where we made the hour long journey to Kallidaikurichi on Thursday morning. Sitting in a mini bus of sorts with all but the bride [ she had been whisked away home by her mom], we were in for a day of sight seeing. The first stop was Agasthiyar Falls ...  The last time I had been here was during a trip from dad's office [must be a good two decades or so ago]

A bit of trivia about the place - Agasthiyar Falls (also called Papanasam Falls) is located quite close to Papanasam in Tirunelveli district. Infact, what makes it so awesome is that it is on the Western Ghats and story goes that this is the place where sage Agasthya got a view of Shiva in his wedding attire [Agasthiyar could not attend Shiva Parvathy's wedding in Kailasam and so requested the God to grant him  a view of the event.. pleased with his prayers, Shiva appeared in front of him.] And that is how the place earned its name. 

When driving towards the parking lot, you will cross the power plant that helps generate power for the towns around [from the Papanasam Dam]. It is also known to be a place where people have sighted tigers and leopards [ not a surprise considering it is quite close to Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger reserve] .. 

We had reached the parking lot, the vans were halted, we got out and began making the short walk to the falls. I could hear the water at a distance and wondered how heavy it was this time around. Along the way, we walked across little streams formed by the other smaller falls coming down the smaller mountains. The place is teeming with monkeys, and they make a go for anything that looks like food. So best to keep your belongings close to you, and avoid carrying food items. Heck, don't even carry your phones in your hand, they just might mistake it for food. 

Since it was off season, there wasn't a mad rush. One thing I noticed instantly was the wall at the foot of the falls- diving the male and female visitor section. Interesting.... And then ofcoruse the sight of people happily lathering themselves with soap and shampoo, letting it all wash off and float down the river.. kinda wish people wouldn't do that and pollute the water.. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

And we meet again Bangalore

It has been nearly 2.5yrs since my last visit to Bangalore, and that was also a short one. I remember having a full day meeting in Coimbatore, and from there heading to Bangalore for few days with friends and family before getting back home. Well, this time it was a short trip,but must say it was a good one at that. 

I see this change in me, a visible one and that extends to my trips as well. Few months ago, when I planned my Bombay trip I had a similar plan in the head. I was done doing the rounds of the city, visiting a million places, catching up with all of them and la la la.. This time, in Bangalore I knew I wanted to meet a few who I have known through the virtual world, and reconnect with a few I had drifted from.  And that is exactly how the trip went , not to mention the few lovely surprises it threw my way... 

It was one of those trips when I was travelling with a friend, a first time with this one.. We had a blast, though I am sure we provided some interesting entertainment to the rest around us with our constant squabbles and laughter. As I always say, travel with someone to know if you can tolerate them in your life or not.. well, this one is a keeper alright.. :-) 

Lal Bagh gardens clicked during one of my earlier visits..

I spent a lot of time walking around the hotel we stayed at, it was down the road from Lal Bagh gardens, a km maybe.. The area was fairly quiet, there was a children's park next door, the lal bagh wall across the hotel and was generally nice to wander in. 

I enjoyed lazing, and doing things at my own pace, not worried about sticking to a set time or trying to achieve way too many things in the short duration I was there. I had a meeting, spent time with people who mattered/connected, did some book shopping at Blossoms, enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee while watching people at Cafe Matteo ... 

Overall, must say it was one helluva trip~ Until next time.. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Metro Rail ride..koo chug chug chug with pride.....

Sometime last week I posted this in one of the whatsapp groups am a part of- “we spoke about doing a Metro ride, but haven’t done one yet as a group. Each of us have done it on our own “. Two replied saying they haven’t been on the metro yet and few of us replied yes, a group trip was pending. And that was how the train got rolling. Plans were made, we decided to go for it on Sunday -25th Sep. After a bit of to and fro, it was decided we would all meet at Guindy Metro station by 11am. From there, we would ride all the way to the Airport and back.

Madras a suthi parka porein...puthusa vandirukkum metrovilyerrriiiii ... lolz.. 

The easiest way for me to get to Guindy is by electric train [ well, I can be fancy and take a cab] but then hey, its all about the experience. So, Sunday morning around 10.15 I walked down the road to Chetpet Station, bought tickets[Rs10], and waited for the Emu to arrive. It did take its own sweet time. There were a few stray souls like me waiting and a few commented that trains were lesser since it was Sunday. Ah, finally I spotted the train, got into the compartment [wasn’t too crowded] and sat down to enjoy the ride. It had been years since I plied by these trains and must say it was still fun.

I reached Guindy station around 10:40, got out of the station to see where my friends were[there is a way to get to the Metro station without actually getting out], but it was too hot and so I turned around and headed up the Escalator at Guindy Metro Station [ there are normal staircases to climb as well, and the escalators are only for going up]. Friends were waiting on the landing. We waited for the others, and made our way to one of the ticket kiosks. It was all very similar to what I had seen in Bangkok.

You had to touch the destination station, it would then show the ticket rate, you choose number of tickets, confirm, and feed the machine your money [you can put in cash notes upto Rs100]- For us it was Rs40 one way per pax. It was fun watching the chips fall into the slot once the money went in. One by one they arrived, small blue colour circular poker chip like tokens.

From there, you go through a small security check area, show the token on top of the unit that opens up for you to pass through. You then go two floors up to the train platform [these escalators were really long and high, there are lifts as well]

The view around was breathtaking, and the flights that were taking off seemed to fly so close by. There was a screen displaying details about next train, ours was 13 mins away. Meanwhile a train heading to Little Mount arrived in theother platform.

Our train came, doors opened, we got in and tra la la laa, it was a fun ride... . Since it is still new, it wasn’t too crowded. The announcements were clear, there are route maps on both sides of the door [English and Tamil with light indicators].. We saw the Golf Course, the runway till we reached the Airport station.. There was a portion that went underground, it was dark and fun…

At the airport, you can hop out of the rain, go down the steps/lift and walk it out to the domestic or international terminals. I heard they are planning on launching shuttle services soon. The airport looked super cool from up here.. we decided to do this rate later in the evening one day. 

It was getting hot, and so once again we did the merry go round... went downstairs, picked up tickets to Little Mount [this too costed us Rs 40 one way per pax] and enjoyed our ride back… While the entire journey was a good experience, I found there were no security guards on the platform.  hmmmm... hopefully it is in the plan~! Oh and how can I forget to mention this- am super kicked and proud that my city has this cool system .... :D 

Once the entire route is complete, it would be so easy to get to the Airport from home… J

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Thursday Challenge... Glitters

The prompt for this week's Thursday Challenge was "EXPENSIVE" (Clothes, Cars, Jewelry, Money, Gold, Coins,...)

Clicked these during my trip to haridwar earlier this year for the ardh kumbh mela...  there was a guy selling old coins just off the steps along the gushing Ganges river

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